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Presentation on Medicare, Medicaid and Working with Banks

Presentation on Medicare, Medicaid and Working with Banks, and Recognizing Sings of Addiction in the Elderly Complimentary Presentation On March 27, 2019, Attorney Bob Shanahan will join Steve Drzewoszewski, MSW, LCADC on the topics of: "Recognizing Signs of Addiction in the Elderly" & "Medicare, Medicaid

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Protect Your Dream Home Investment

Building your Dream Home? You’ve got the land, you’ve got the architect’s plan, now you just need to hire a builder to construct your dream home.  You meet with a few new home builders, discuss pricing and details, work out financing and insurance, and then

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Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has been defined as an intentional act which creates a serious risk of physical, emotional or financial harm to an elderly person.  The act can be a failure to provide or obtain the care needed by an elderly person, to financial theft or

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Speaking Appearances by Bob Shanahan

  Speaking appearances are part of Shanahan & Voigt's Community Outreach. Bob Shanahan will be speaking at the following programs through the end of the year: Speaking Appearances October 17th at the Readington Seniors' Club, located at the Polish American Club in Whitehouse

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Dementia and Signing Legal Documents

Dementia creates serious problems, no doubt. Among them is the compelling issue of who will make decisions for a person suffering from dementia, and who has the right to appoint such a decision-maker?  What are the spouse’s rights? How about the children, individually? More importantly,

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Guardianship Abuse

Guardianship abuse reports have been in the news, repeatedly.  Reports of the guardianship system being used to steal and exploit those unable to help themselves are on the rise. Criticism of “the System”, how one becomes a guardian, and the lack of oversight of

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Welcome Brian M. Gilbert, Esq., Attorney

We are please to announce and welcome Brian M. Gilbert who joins our firm as an associate attorney focusing in litigation and disputed matters. Prior to joining our firm, much of Brian's legal experience was as a litigator for law firms representing large financial institutions

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Non-Disclosure Agreements for Business

Non-disclosure agreements between businesses are becoming more and more common, as businesses team up together to accomplish common ventures and services, or even by those wish to sell.  Non-disclosure agreements are not something that should be lightly considered as the poorly worded agreement may lead

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ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY (Full Time):  Flemington, New Jersey Law Firm seeks a full-time associate attorney for litigation and transactional law practice.  We offer the opportunity to work on diverse and interesting matters while learning the business of practicing law.  At our boutique firm, you will obtain

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Avoid Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire transfer fraud is increasing during the course of business and real estate closings.  I recently learned of an attorney whose AOL email was hacked.  Using a fake email address that appeared to be from the law office, the criminal emailed fraudulent wire transfer instructions

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Business & Succession Planning for Farms

Will the Farm Stay in the Family? Farms are abundant in New Jersey, in part thanks to the hard work and hand-shakes of generations who lived before in simpler times. Unfortunately, the days of “hand-shake” deals are behind us.  Charming, historic agricultural buildings are costly

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What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal decision made by a court. The decision made is that a particular person has become incapacitated. He or she can no longer make decisions about him or herself. The Court also appoints a “guardian” to make decisions for the person it

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Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be a serious problem, and it is one with which we should be very concerned.  Recently, I invited David B. Watts, an experienced private investigator and author, to speak to my firm’s Client Care Program members Data Collection Via Your

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays It’s the holiday season and instead of reading about some serious legal issue, let’s try to laugh a little.  Here is one of my favorite stories and although it’s not a holiday story, I hope it will suffice: For years, two brothers—one a

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Fit For Life – A Program for Age 55+ Women

Many of our clients and colleagues are business women, caretakers, or elderly.  Regardless of your circumstances, staying fit is vital to health and overall wellness!  I participate in classes targeting women over 40 at Sphericality, on Main Street in Flemington.  I am so happy with

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Legal Intern (Part Time, Temporary)

Legal Intern (Part Time / Temporary Position):  Shanahan & Voigt, LLC occasionally hires a legal intern to assist with document archiving (50%), marketing & service projects (30%), firm programs (10%), and assistance with cases (10%).   Document archiving includes scanning and document management of confidential

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Flemington, New Jersey Law Firm seeks experienced paralegal for general practice. A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience is required.  A four year college degree with the ability to work well under pressure is required.  Health and Dental benefits are available, as well as

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Hikes Not Heroin

October 21, 2017, 10:30 to 1:30 Opening Ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Heroin abuse is a dangerous epidemic occurring right here in Hunterdon County. Shanahan & Voigt, LLC is sponsoring Hikes Not Heroin on October 21st. This is an opportunity for families to openly learn about

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POLST: A Solution to DNR Issues

POLST, or Physician’s Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment, is a relatively new document which may be more appropriate for a patient than the traditional “DNR” or do not resuscitate, order at a hospital. It is certainly more powerful than a living will, but is only

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What To Do When Someone Dies

A loved one has died.  What to do?  Whom do I call? Family and friends are all advising.  Some are conflicting. Some are warning.  I feel so stressed.  What do I do? First Things First: Take Care of Your Family and Yourself  Take care of

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Facebook: What Should Happen to People Online Identity When They Die?

The Facebook “Hard Questions” blog recently addressed the issue of what should happen to people’s online identity when they die. This is a wonderful article expressing the emotional and practical issues surrounding one’s online postings after death and how, at least one company is

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Who Has Control Over My Funeral?

“Control over my funeral” is becoming a developing issue in my practice.  Funeral directors have asked me to sign statements that I have such authority when I have buried my wards as a court appointed guardian.  Now, family survivors are disagreeing over the disposition of

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Missing Construction Permits

Construction permits are issued by municipalities for construction activities on homes within their jurisdiction. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) oversees Uniform Construction Code compliance and enforcement and advises municipal officials, as needed. In the DCA’s bulletin 06-1, the DCA provides guidance for

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PennEast Fails to Move Forward with NJDEP Wetlands Permit

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has administratively closed the PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC freshwater permit application.  Citing a failure of PennEast to address deficiencies in its application, and the unlikely prospect of PennEast having adequate information in the near future, the NJDEP rendered

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Do-It-Yourself Legal Work

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a go-to approach for businesses and households seeking to save money on various tasks.   However, when it comes to navigating law, DIY can ultimately cost much more than any initial savings.  We handle many matters which are created or made worse

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Recourse for Errors in Property Inspections

Most Property Inspection Reports Contain Disclaimers When purchasing real estate, buyers typically hire a qualified inspector to review the property and advise of visible defects.  When engaging an inspector, a buyer signs an agreement with the inspector.  Understandably, these agreements typically include disclaimers which limit

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Agricultural Development in the Highlands

Development in the Highlands Preservation Area. How do Highlands development restrictions affect agricultural development?  Considerable farmland falls within the Highlands Region.  Primarily intended to protect drinking water, over 800,000 acres of New Jersey, known as the, “Highlands Region,” have been designated either Highlands Preservation Area

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NOW HIRING: Legal Secretary

Flemington area law firm is seeking a full-time legal secretary.  Medical insurance available.  Salary commensurate with experience. The appropriate candidate must be strong in the following areas  Attention to details, including in draft work products.  Professional phone and people skills.  Demonstrated respect for

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Aging Life Caregiving 101

Caregiving to an elderly parent is not something that many of us have been trained to do. Maybe you have noticed small but unsettling changes in someone you love. What are the warning signs that someone needs more help? What does it mean to be

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Get Advice from an Experienced Elder Law Attorney

Elder law has become an increasingly important practice area because more people are living longer. The practice of elder law involves the following: Estate planning Disability planning Arranging for care, Social Security, and retirement benefits Long-term care insurance Long-term care planning Medicaid Healthcare directives Nursing

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The Basics of New Jersey Special Education Law

New Jersey children with disabilities and the parents of those children are afforded important rights in school that are not granted to children who do not have disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) strives to “ensure that all children with disabilities have available

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Political Speech in the Workplace

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving dinner was at least a little awkward this year for some people. Though the election was over a month ago, talk about the election continues to seep into nearly every facet of our lives. Not only did politics likely dominate Thanksgiving,

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New Jersey Guardianships

Increasingly, we Baby-Boomers are being called to care for a parent, or another, who has dementia. At the more advanced stages of this disease, the individual will lose capacity to make decisions about their finances, health care, living arrangements and the like. Unless the person

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New Jersey Estate Tax Repealed!

You could knock me over with a feather. I never thought I would live to see the day when the New Jersey Estate Tax would be repealed, but both houses of the legislature in Trenton passed a repeal bill, and Governor Christie signed it. (

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Environmental Due Diligence and “Innocent Owner” Status

Looking to purchase property with contaminated soil and groundwater?  Probably not, unless you are a brownfield’s redeveloper. Most purchasers of commercial property are counting on their property being “clean.”  Environmental due diligence occurs in two phases: 1) review the current and historic activities at the

Nicole L. Voigt attend CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Convention

Nicole L. Voigt attended the 2016 Convention of the Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW-Network) in New York City.  Speakers included keynote speaker Admiral William H. McRaven USN (Ret.);  Amy Cuddy, Author, Business Leader, and Professor at Harvard Business School; Sallie Krawcheck, CEO & Co-Founder of

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Paralegal (Full Time)

PARALEGAL (Full Time):  Flemington, NJ Law Firm seeks paralegal for transactional work. Experience in real estate, probate, estate planning, and business is preferred.  We offer predictable hours and the opportunity to work with engaged colleagues on diverse and interesting matters, in beautiful Hunterdon County.  The

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Associate Attorney (Full Time)

ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY (Full Time):  Flemington, NJ Law Firm seeks associate attorney for transactional work involving complex real estate, probate, estate planning, and business.  We offer predictable hours and the opportunity to work with engaged colleagues on diverse and interesting matters, in beautiful Hunterdon County. Our

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