Lynn Mai

New Jersey Law Firm Administrator

Lynn Mai is our Firm Administrator and also tracks and processes billing and, if necessary, collections.  Lynn assists with administering our third-party contracts and vendors, and is the point of contact for new inquiries.  Lynn additionally tracks client billing and invoicing and may be contacted with questions regarding security deposits, retainers, invoices, and trust funds.  Lynn additionally assists with managing accounts for our estates and guardianships, as a routine part of Bob Shanahan’s elder law practice.  Lynn has been working with Bob Shanahan since 2004.

Lynn graduate from Douglas College, Rutgers University School of Business, majoring in accounting.  Lynn previously worked at Merck & Co. Inc. for ten years in general accounting, cost accounting, and property accounting in managerial positions.

Lynn was actively involved in Girl Scouts and Hunterdon County’s 4-H program with her children.

Lynn works part-time, Monday through Thursday, and can be reached at (908)751-1551 ext. 35 and also at [email protected].