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Good contracting practices and careful contract negotiation are critical to the risk management and success of businesses.  Additionally, extensive provisions of New Jersey law dictate contract requirements for regulated industries.  Add consumer protection damages to the equation, and contracting mistakes can present significant, even devastating, financial problems for businesses.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

It is very important that each business use compliant contracts tailored to the specific needs of that business, and drafted in a manner that is understandable to its clients. It is equally important that businesses do not inadvertently create liability through the negotiation process, which commonly can occur during the pressures of trying to seal the deal. The Flemington NJ business contracts attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt, LLC are comfortable with high stakes negotiations, serving as the voice of our clients, and understand both the transactional and the litigation implications of contract terms.  Key “boilerplate” provisions are essential, in part, to create a contract that reduces the likelihood and cost of litigation in the event that disputes subsequently arise.

Use an Experienced New Jersey Business Contracts Attorney

New Jersey Contract Law

The cost of contract drafting and review is nearly always a fraction of the cost of litigating a dispute without a proper contract.

If your business is in need of contract drafting, review, negotiation, enforcement, or dispute resolution, contact us.  Request a Consultation.

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