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  • At times of crisis or need, increasingly protective privacy rules prevent parents from accessing their adult child’s medical and financial information without properly executed powers of attorney.
  • During medical emergencies, all next-of-kin may be consulted if a young adult has not properly designated one or more preferred health care representative(s) to make decisions on his or her behalf. This is especially problematic for families where one next-of-kin is preferred over another.
  • Parents who routinely assist their young adult child with banking and financial planning, or who need to do so during their child’s unavailability, will be prevented from having adequate access after their child reaches age 18 without POAs.
  • These issues are especially challenging for young adults attending colleges or training out-of-state or abroad. Residents of New Jersey at the age of 18 or thereafter may execute medical and financial powers of attorney for use in other jurisdictions.

Young Adult Summer Package*

Memorial Day through Labor Day $250

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Return completed questionnaire and $250.00 flat fee.
  2. Review draft Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney via email and respond with questions and comments.
  3. Schedule appointment to discuss and sign final documents.

*The Young Adult Summer Package is appropriate for unmarried young adults without significant assets who are domiciled in New Jersey. Adults with spouses, dependents, significant assets, complicated medical issues, or similar responsibilities should schedule a full estate planning consultation and purchase a will, living will and/or additional estate planning documents. The $250 flat fee reflects a discount on standard rates and is available only to eligible young adults.

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