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Facebook: What Should Happen to People Online Identity When They Die?

The Facebook “Hard Questions” blog recently addressed the issue of what should happen to people’s online identity when they die. This is a wonderful article expressing the emotional and practical issues surrounding one’s online postings after death and how, at least one company is

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Who Has Control Over My Funeral?

“Control over my funeral” is becoming a developing issue in my practice.  Funeral directors have asked me to sign statements that I have such authority when I have buried my wards as a court appointed guardian.  Now, family survivors are disagreeing over the disposition of

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Get Advice from an Experienced Elder Law Attorney

Elder law has become an increasingly important practice area because more people are living longer. The practice of elder law involves the following: Estate planning Disability planning Arranging for care, Social Security, and retirement benefits Long-term care insurance Long-term care planning Medicaid Healthcare directives Nursing

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New Jersey Estate Tax Repealed!

You could knock me over with a feather. I never thought I would live to see the day when the New Jersey Estate Tax would be repealed, but both houses of the legislature in Trenton passed a repeal bill, and Governor Christie signed it. (

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Environmental Due Diligence and “Innocent Owner” Status

Looking to purchase property with contaminated soil and groundwater?  Probably not, unless you are a brownfield’s redeveloper. Most purchasers of commercial property are counting on their property being “clean.”  Environmental due diligence occurs in two phases: 1) review the current and historic activities at the

Opinion 53 Issued by UPLC May 16, 2016

COMMITTEE ON THE UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW Appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey   OPINION 53 Issued by UPLC May 16, 2016 Non-Lawyer Medicaid Advisors (Including “Application Assistors”) and the Unauthorized Practice of Law The Committee received an inquiry concerning permissible and impermissible

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The Qualified Income Trust (QIT)

In order to be approved for Medicaid benefits in 2016, an individual can have no more than $2199 in monthly income. This includes Social Security, pension and other monthly income. Many times, particularly when a widow or widower collects their spouse’s Social Security, the individual’s

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Choosing an Executor

Being “Fair” By Naming All Children as Fiduciaries Many parents prefer to name all of their children as co-executors, co-trustees or co-guardians in their last wills.  They “just want to be fair” and not choose between them.  Making this, and other types of fiduciary designations

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Federal Estate Tax

Remarkably, Congress did not change the Federal Estate Tax law, as we had all predicted.  This means that, for 2010, there is no Federal Estate Tax.   This is the first time since 1916 that there has been no estate tax.   Just remember that, next year,

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