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Nicole Voigt to Speak at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Annual Conference

Nicole Voigt to Speak at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Annual Conference Attorney, Nicole Voigt, will be part of a six-member panel at this year’s New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The panel will be discussing “Land Preservation: From

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Agricultural Development in the Highlands

Development in the Highlands Preservation Area. How do Highlands development restrictions affect agricultural development?  Considerable farmland falls within the Highlands Region.  Primarily intended to protect drinking water, over 800,000 acres of New Jersey, known as the “Highlands Region,” have been designated either Highlands Preservation Area

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Environmental Due Diligence and “Innocent Owner” Status

Looking to purchase property with contaminated soil and groundwater?  Probably not, unless you are a brownfield’s redeveloper. Most purchasers of commercial property are counting on their property being “clean.”  Environmental due diligence occurs in two phases: 1) review the current and historic activities at the

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Buying Out-of-State Property?

I have increasingly been asked to review transactions or relief offers involving time shares and vacation properties where buyers find themselves suffering buyers' remorse.  Many different issues have arisen over the years, but a common theme is that the contracts strongly favor the seller and

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New Jersey Regulation and Remediation of Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are a known risk in real estate transactions and should be considered in every buyer’s due diligence. Whether residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural, a leaking UST can have serious financial consequences and can, if not properly addressed, become the buyer’s problem

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Facing Foreclosure?

Courts, Modifications, Short Sales, and Deed-in-Lieu By Nicole L. Voigt, Esq., Attorney at Law Nicole L. Voigt, Esq., Real Estate Attorney Homeowners facing foreclosure find themselves in a marketplace.  They receive solicitations from private companies guaranteeing workouts (be careful – these are often

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