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Alzheimer’s Village Being Constructed in France

Alzheimer’s Disease patients are about to experience a revolutionary living space in France.  Yahoo news reported on June 4, 2018, that work has begun on a new Alzheimer’s Village” where patients will have free rein in a “medieval style citadel” designed to increase their freedom

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Changing The Deed To Your Home

Deeds to real estate, especially for your house, are known to be very important documents.  Many consider changing a deed in order to ensure that their house gets passed to the next generation or some other significant person.  This must be done with some foresight,

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Avoid Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire transfer fraud is increasing during the course of business and real estate closings.  I recently learned of an attorney whose AOL email was hacked.  Using a fake email address that appeared to be from the law office, the criminal emailed fraudulent wire transfer instructions

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