Non-Disclosure Agreements for Business

Non-disclosure agreements between businesses are becoming more and more common, as businesses team up together to accomplish common ventures and services, or even by those wishing to sell.  Non-disclosure agreements are not something that should be lightly considered as a poorly worded agreement may lead

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Do-It-Yourself Legal Work

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a go-to approach for businesses and households seeking to save money on various tasks.   However, when it comes to navigating law, DIY can ultimately cost much more than any initial savings.  We handle many matters which are created or made worse

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Lessons From the Bottom Line

I was recently asked to speak about "Teachable Moments in Business" from my perspective as a business attorney.  Not surprising, the first thing that came to mind are many of the family and small businesses that we have assisted in Central New Jersey.  The opportunity to

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Employee or Independent Contractor

Determining whether a person is operating as an employee or an independent contractor is significant for many reasons, including taxation purposes, coverage under key employment statutes such as Workers’ Compensation Act, Law Against Discrimination, and Unemployment Compensation Law, tortious liability, and in determining the duties

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Your Business is a Separate Person from its Owner

In the eyes of the law, many business entities are considered to be separate “persons” from their human owners. This is an important concept to master, since it explains many of the procedures with which owners of S-Corporations and Limited Liability Companies must comply. Owners

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