Non-Disclosure Agreements for Business

Non-disclosure agreements between businesses are becoming more and more common, as businesses team up together to accomplish common ventures and services, or even by those wishing to sell.  Non-disclosure agreements are not something that should be lightly considered as a poorly worded agreement may lead

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Inheritance Tax in New Jersey

Inheritance tax will be the last remaining “death tax” in New Jersey, as of January 1, 2018. On that date, the state’s estate tax will disappear. New Jersey Inheritance Tax NJ Inheritance Tax: Who's paying? The “Transfer Inheritance Tax” is assessed against inheritances

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Get out of Jury Duty?

It came in the mail. The dreaded jury summons. I had been called for jury duty at the Superior Court in Flemington. This was the third time in twenty years. Not a big deal. What came to mind were the comments about jury duty I

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When Caring for Mom and Dad

Being an Elder Care attorney for over fifteen years, I have seen so many people in anguish over caring for their aging parents. Many times, I have heard men and women say, "The pressure is killing me." Most of the time, it is the women

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