Buying Out-of-State Property?

I have increasingly been asked to review transactions or relief offers involving time shares and  and vacation properties where buyers find themselves suffering buyers' remorse.  Many different issues have arisen over the years, but a common theme is that the contracts strongly favor the seller

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Get out of Jury Duty?

It came in the mail. The dreaded jury summons. I had been called for jury duty at the Superior Court in Flemington. This was the third time in twenty years. Not a big deal. What came to mind were the comments about jury duty I

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The Consumer Fraud Act: Not Just for Registered Home Improvement Contractors!

The Consumer Fraud Act regulates home improvements in cumulative excess of $500.00 provided on existing residential properties.  A home improvement provider that is required to comply with these administrative and business practices, but fails to do so, is strictly liable even for unknowing oversights, with

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Lapsed Flood Insurance

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Merlin's house in August of 2005.  About two weeks before Katrina hit, he had missed a deadline to pay a premium to keep his flood insurance policy in effect for 2005 to 2006.  After Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency extended a

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Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

For most married couples, filing federal income taxes jointly, rather than separately, results in a lower tax bill.  However, this "all for one, one for all" approach can have a downside if questions arise about the accuracy of the return.  The general rule is that

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What is Holistic Law?

I am frequently asked to explain what “holistic law” means.  The answer is not apparent.  The theory of ‘holism’ is opposite that of “reductionism,” and espouses that a “system” cannot be determined or explained by the sum of its component parts alone, but is only

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