What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal decision made by a court. The decision made is that a particular person has become incapacitated. He or she can no longer make decisions about him or herself. The Court also appoints a “guardian” to make decisions for the person it

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Inheritance Tax in New Jersey

Inheritance tax will be the last remaining “death tax” in New Jersey, as of January 1, 2018. On that date, the state’s estate tax will disappear. New Jersey Inheritance Tax NJ Inheritance Tax: Who's paying? The “Transfer Inheritance Tax” is assessed against inheritances

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Who Has Control Over My Funeral?

“Control over my funeral” is becoming a developing issue in my practice.  Funeral directors have asked me to sign statements that I have such authority when I have buried my wards as a court appointed guardian.  Now, family survivors are disagreeing over the disposition of

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NJ Hidden Camera Program Expanded to Catch Elder Abuse

Hidden cameras are now available to address the significant increase in elder abuse complaints against home healthcare aides. New Jersey has decided to expand its hidden camera program that began in December 2016. It has been very successful in catching abusers, both among in-home caregivers,

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Get out of Jury Duty?

It came in the mail. The dreaded jury summons. I had been called for jury duty at the Superior Court in Flemington. This was the third time in twenty years. Not a big deal. What came to mind were the comments about jury duty I

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