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Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has been defined as an intentional act which creates a serious risk of physical, emotional or financial harm to an elderly person.  The act can be a failure to provide or obtain the care needed by an elderly person, to financial theft or

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Guardianship Abuse

Guardianship abuse reports have been in the news, repeatedly.  Reports of the guardianship system being used to steal and exploit those unable to help themselves are on the rise. Criticism of “the System”, how one becomes a guardian, and the lack of oversight of

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What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal decision made by a court. The decision made is that a particular person has become incapacitated. He or she can no longer make decisions about him or herself. The Court also appoints a “guardian” to make decisions for the person it

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Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be a serious problem, and it is one with which we should be very concerned.  Recently, I invited David B. Watts, an experienced private investigator and author, to speak to my firm’s Client Care Program members Data Collection Via Your

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays It’s the holiday season and instead of reading about some serious legal issue, let’s try to laugh a little.  Here is one of my favorite stories and although it’s not a holiday story, I hope it will suffice: For years, two brothers—one a

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Who Has Control Over My Funeral?

“Control over my funeral” is becoming a developing issue in my practice.  Funeral directors have asked me to sign statements that I have such authority when I have buried my wards as a court appointed guardian.  Now, family survivors are disagreeing over the disposition of

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Nicole L. Voigt featured member of Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey, January 2016

Attorney Nicole L. Voigt is the January 2016 spotlight member of Commercial Real Estate Women, Inc. New Jersey (CREW NJ).  To review CREW NJ's interview of Ms. Voigt, click HERE.  CREW NJ is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 that promotes communication and interaction between

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Federal Estate Tax

Remarkably, Congress did not change the Federal Estate Tax law, as we had all predicted.  This means that, for 2010, there is no Federal Estate Tax.   This is the first time since 1916 that there has been no estate tax.   Just remember that, next year,

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When Caring for Mom and Dad

Being an Elder Care attorney for over fifteen years, I have seen so many people in anguish over caring for their aging parents. Many times, I have heard men and women say, "The pressure is killing me." Most of the time, it is the women

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Nicole Voigt announces March Hunterdon NJAWBO Topic: Navigating Business Transitions

Navigating Business Transitions: by Pamela Duda, President, Lifescapes Professional Coaching, LLC  Presented by: New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO), Hunterdon Chapter  March 15, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  NJAWBO Members $15.  Non-members $20.   The price includes a healthy and delicious continental

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