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Employee or Independent Contractor

Determining whether a person is operating as an employee or an independent contractor is significant for many reasons, including taxation purposes, coverage under key employment statutes such as Workers’ Compensation Act, Law Against Discrimination, and Unemployment Compensation Law, tortious liability, and in determining the duties

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Changes to New Jersey Expungement Law

On January 19, 2016, Governor Chris Christie signed into law, legislation that reforms several aspects regarding expungements in New Jersey.  The new law shortens the time period that persons with certain criminal records have to wait before they become eligible for the expungement of their

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I Was Terminated, But Was it Wrongful?

Facing the reality of being unemployed can lead a person to many questions. One of the first questions one might ask after being terminated is “was I wrongfully terminated?” Many people view being terminated for any reason or no reason at all as “wrongful.” Unfortunately,

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‘Tis the Season for Tax Appeals

Real estate assessments are based upon the value of the real estate as of October 1st of the prior year. Notices of Assessment must be mailed by municipalities to record owners postmarked by February 1st of each year. Therefore, now is the time to determine

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Buying Out-of-State Property?

I have increasingly been asked to review transactions or relief offers involving time shares and  and vacation properties where buyers find themselves suffering buyers' remorse.  Many different issues have arisen over the years, but a common theme is that the contracts strongly favor the seller

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Nicole L. Voigt featured member of Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey, January 2016

Attorney Nicole L. Voigt is the January 2016 spotlight member of Commercial Real Estate Women, Inc. New Jersey (CREW NJ).  To review CREW NJ's interview of Ms. Voigt, click HERE.  CREW NJ is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 that promotes communication and interaction between

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Personal Comments of Nicole L. Voigt on the PennEast Pipeline Application, FERC Docket CP15-558.

I am a resident of Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and I oppose the PennEast Pipeline.  I oppose the application and additional submissions submitted by PennEast. The impacts of this pipeline, both short and long term, vastly outweigh any benefits.  The pipeline is mapped

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Post-Sandy Construction Defects

Construction Boomed on the Jersey Shore Following Hurricane Sandy Following Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s shore experienced an influx of contractors seeking to demolish, re-build, repair, and/or elevate damaged homes.   General contractors, subcontractors, designers, and suppliers targeted Sandy victims, some even relocating from out-of-state. Many established

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How Can I Clear My Record? If you have been arrested and/or convicted by the New Jersey government, you may have a criminal record. Having a criminal record can pose a serious threat to your future. It can cause you to have to overcome many

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Employment Law

Often times, people find themselves in disputes with their employers and fellow employees.  Surprisingly, many believe that there is no recourse readily available to them.  Fortunately for those caught in disputes at work, their rights and duties are covered through the area of employment law. 

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Get out of Jury Duty?

It came in the mail. The dreaded jury summons. I had been called for jury duty at the Superior Court in Flemington. This was the third time in twenty years. Not a big deal. What came to mind were the comments about jury duty I

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Nicole Voigt joins Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey

Nicole L. Voigt Attorney at Law CREW NJ, Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey, has approved attorney Nicole L. Voigt for active membership.  The CREW Network is a national organization dedicated to advancing the professional development of women in commercial real estate

Who Can be a Guardian?

When a loved-one is no longer able to make decisions about their finances, housing or medical treatment, and the doctors are telling you that this person has lost capacity, a guardian needs to be appointed by a court. Someone needs to step forward to make

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Natural Gas Pipeline Opposition in New Jersey

Transco Pipeline, Lebanon, NJ Understanding Natural Gas Pipeline Approvals and the Importance of Fact-Based, Stakeholder Participation in Scoping and Environmental Evaluations FERC's Jurisdiction and Economic Considerations The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) serves the mission of “assist[ing] consumers in obtaining reliable, efficient, and

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Nicole Voigt, Founding President of the Rotary eClub of Hunterdon Horizon announces Charter

The world’s first civic service organization, Rotary International, is expanding in central New Jersey.  On January 30, 2014, the Rotary E-Club of Hunterdon Horizon celebrated its September 12, 2013 Charter, joining Rotary International’s global association of 33,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and

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Facing Foreclosure?

Courts, Modifications, Short Sales, and Deed-in-Lieu By Nicole L. Voigt, Esq., Attorney at Law Nicole L. Voigt, Esq., Real Estate Attorney Homeowners facing foreclosure find themselves in a marketplace.  They receive solicitations from private companies guaranteeing work-outs (be careful – these are often

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Alimony Reform in New Jersey

There is a movement in New Jersey to reform the alimony laws to conform to those recently revised in states such as Florida and Massachusetts.  As a result of this movement, Alimony Reform Assembly Bill A3909 was introduced to the Legislature on March 7, 2013. 

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Modification of Child Support

What is child support? Child support is financial support that one party, the “Obligor,” pays to the other party, the “Obligee,” for the support of their child/children.  Child support is calculated pursuant to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, based upon the parties’ respective incomes,

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New Jersey Changes Child Support Guidelines

The State of New Jersey adopted Child Support Guidelines in 1986 to create consistency in its child support awards.  Pursuant to the Family Support Act of 1988, states are required to review their Guidelines every four years to assure that the awards accurately reflect current

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The Financial Cost of Divorce

At the conclusion of the initial consultation with a perspective new divorce client, after listening carefully to the client’s concerns and discussing that client’s particular circumstances and how he or she may wish to proceed, inevitably at the end of our session I am asked

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The Consumer Fraud Act: Not Just for Registered Home Improvement Contractors!

The Consumer Fraud Act regulates home improvements in cumulative excess of $500.00 provided on existing residential properties.  A home improvement provider that is required to comply with these administrative and business practices, but fails to do so, is strictly liable even for unknowing oversights, with

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Lapsed Flood Insurance

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Merlin's house in August of 2005.  About two weeks before Katrina hit, he had missed a deadline to pay a premium to keep his flood insurance policy in effect for 2005 to 2006.  After Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency extended a

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E-mailed Documents Allowed

Shortly before he left the employment of a residential treatment center for addicted persons, an employee e-mailed some of his employer's documents to his and his wife's personal email accounts.  The employee operated two consulting businesses of his own concerning addiction rehabilitation services.  The employer's

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Nicole Voigt announces March Hunterdon NJAWBO Topic: Navigating Business Transitions

Navigating Business Transitions: by Pamela Duda, President, Lifescapes Professional Coaching, LLC  Presented by: New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO), Hunterdon Chapter  March 15, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  NJAWBO Members $15.  Non-members $20.   The price includes a healthy and delicious continental

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