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Paying Your Child for Caregiving in New Jersey Impermissible?

Payments Made to Child for Caregiving Found Impermissible by New Jersey Medicaid I am often asked if, under the Medicaid rules, a child caregiver can be paid by a parent. New Jersey Medicaid has been very critical of such arrangements. It usually finds such payments

Designation of a Funeral Agent – What You Need To Know

Your Designation of a Funeral Agent Under the Revised Right to Control Law On July 19, 2019, New Jersey Governor Murphy signed into law the revised, “Right to Control Law”.  This law specifies who can authorize the funeral and disposition of the remains of a

Relief for Caregivers – Respite Care Program

The Statewide Respite Care Program Offers Relief for Caregivers The Statewide Respite Care Program offers relief to caregivers who, for many reasons, may need some time away from their caregiving chores. I recently met with JoAnn Leeds, BSN, RN, who is the Program Coordinator of

Durable Power of Attorney and Bank Disapproval

The Durable Power of Attorney and Bank Disapproval By: Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., Esq. Any good estate planning attorney will have a client prepare a Durable Power of Attorney when preparing a Last Will and Testament.  Elder law attorneys will also urge clients to prepare

S-Corporation Election Problem For Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

The new federal tax law creates a business income deduction of twenty percent for small businesses.  This is a tremendous help to small businesses, particularly in New Jersey. But for limited liability companies which have elected to be taxed as an S-Corporation, there could be a

Our Client Care Program For Estate Planning Clients

The Client Care Program, now in its seventh year, was created to give our estate planning clients an opportunity to have their wills, powers of attorney, advance directives for healthcare, and other documents, reviewed in light of present-day law and opportunities.  The firm has prepared

Five End of Year Tasks for Fiduciaries

If you are acting as an executor or administrator of an estate, a court appointed guardian, an agent acting under a power of attorney, or a trustee, you are a fiduciary. By law, a fiduciary is accountable for their acts and must act in the best interest

Protect Your Dream Home Investment

Building your Dream Home? You’ve got the land, you’ve got the architect’s plan, now you just need to hire a builder to construct your dream home.  You meet with a few new home builders, discuss pricing and details, work out financing and insurance, and then

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