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Mediation in New Jersey

Contract and business disputes are common and sometimes lead to costly litigation. Business partners may disagree, contracts may become difficult to perform, or business relationships break down. These circumstances can become personal and contentious with wide-reaching implications on the individuals involved.
Often times, when businesses litigate, no one wins and relationships are destroyed. Litigation is expensive, sometimes takes years, and has uncertain outcomes. Litigation also diverts time and energy from the workday. Not all damages may be recoverable, and counterclaims may result in both sides playing offense and defense, simultaneously.

While the litigation process is sometimes necessary, it should be avoided if the matter can be resolved through a mediated process. Mediation is available in two forms: traditional mediation and collaborative mediation. In traditional mediation, a trained mediator facilitates a voluntary process with the parties and their representatives. Through collaborative mediation, a team of two or more trained mediators, each with expertise in a field relevant to the dispute, work together to find solutions to challenging problems that would otherwise prevent a settlement. Such a team may include trained mediators from the fields of law, tax, finance, or something specific to the dispute. Regardless of the type of mediation, the process is subject to confidentiality and is often faster and more affordable. And, through mediation, each party is able to participate in the final outcome.

We are Trained Mediators

Attorney Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. completed a 30 Hour Civil Mediation Training Course conducted by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM): a prerequisite to appointment to the Roster of Court Appointed Attorneys for the Civil Division to accreditation by the NJAPM. This course built upon mediation training and experience already held by attorney Shanahan. Mr. Shanahan have completed training in Collaborative Law: an emerging field of alternative dispute resolution.

Don’t go to Court. Call Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., LLC and try to work it out with a professional mediator. Bring us your toughest problem.

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