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Commercial Litigation in New Jersey

Lawsuits brought by businesses are sometimes necessary to protect agreements under a contract, protect trade secrets, or fight unfair competition.  Sometimes these suits are emergent in that unless the suit is filed quickly, great harm will be experienced by a business. At other times, a business may be sued for a variety of reasons, and it must be protected from false or exaggerated claims.  The attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt have the experience, knowledge, and drive to protect your business and its needs.

Commercial litigation is in many ways different from a personal injury suit or other civil or criminal case.  Few commercial suits are tried before a jury. Laws involving the loss of money and property, as in commercial cases, are very different from laws involving the loss of life and limb.  Commercial cases may also involve regulations imposed by government agencies and require hearings, bot before a court, but before an agency administrative judge and in a courtroom with very different rules than a regular state civil or criminal court.

Other options for dispute resolution may be required before a court filing.  Perhaps a disputed contract requires arbitration or business mediation before any suit is filed.  Your attorney needs to have knowledge and experience in these alternate arenas.  Both Nicole Voigt and Robert Shanahan have experience in these venues, and both are trained mediators.

This raises another important point for businesses:  Litigation is very time consuming and expensive. It is important that litigation be considered carefully just as any other business decision.  It is costly, not only in attorney fees and court costs but in time diverted from your business and it can wear at your business team’s creative energy.  Our attorneys endeavor to ensure that pursuing your legal claim not only makes sense legally but also, financially. It has to be a good, “business” decision.

Increasingly, businesses are using the alternative dispute resolution tools of business mediation and arbitration, in lieu of traditional courtroom litigation.  Both are quicker and less expensive. We would be happy to pursue your matter in any of these venues.

The attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt, LLC want to discuss your problem thoroughly.  We want to give you the benefit of our experience and the legal information you will need, so that you can make an informed, business decision.  Commercial disputes are always complicated. We would like to help you solve your problem so that you can continue to grow your business. Please give us a call.

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