New Jersey Municipal Court Attorneys

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Municipal Court Attorneys

Flemington NJ Municipal Court Lawyers

Getting a ticket or summons for a municipal court matter is no laughing matter. The fines, coupled with points and resulting raises in automobile insurance, can be severe. In rare instances, your driving privileges can be suspended or revoked, and jail time can be imposed. Certainly, you will lose most of your workday in court, waiting to be heard. So, why add the expense of an attorney to your case?

All cases are taken seriously by the court. However, when a client is represented, a more knowledgeable discussion can be had with the prosecutor as to the law and its application, than will occur with a lay person, alone. Defendants with attorneys are more likely to demand a trial if a plea is not reached which courts with a high volume of cases would like to avoid. Many cases are negotiated when an attorney is hired. Having an attorney involved in your case can make the difference.

Another problem that arises when going to court is that non-lawyers are usually unsure about what is happening and the significance of what is being said by court personnel. Stress levels are high, and this may cause one to agree to something which is not fully understood, or just agreed in the moment to get out of the room. With an attorney by your side, the issues will be explained to you. Stress can be reduced, and the decisions you make will be based on solid information. These decisions will relieve you of any nagging feelings that you were taken advantage by “the system”.

Attending court in person can be an additional expense. Municipal court is usually held during working hours. People are required to take time off from work, use vacation or sick days, or lose valuable time earning money. Much valuable time is lost waiting to be seen by the prosecutor, and then heard by a judge. An additional added value to paying for an attorney is that cases with attorneys are usually discussed first with the prosecutor and disposed of first by the judge, as a matter of professional courtesy.

The attorney’s fee may literally be worth every penny you pay. The attorneys at Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. will be with you every step of the way.

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