The firm is leader in attempting to move Collaborative Law, largely used in divorce cases, into matters involving the elderly, probate law, and business divorces, frequently contentious areas, so that they can be resolved without litigation, thus preserving family relations, while resolving the important issues of care and finances.   Bob is a frequent speaker on this issue before attorney groups, and those interested in elder law issues. We worked with fellow members of the County Bar to provide training in Collaborative Law in the spring of 2015.

Collaborative Dispute Resolution in Elder / Family Law Disputes

Collaborative Dispute Resolution in Business Disputes

Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution



Nicole L. Voigt and Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. are both professionally trained and experienced civil mediators.  They have completed training programs in Basic Civil Mediation, a 30 Hour Civil Mediation Training Course conducted by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM): a prerequisite to appointment to the Roster of Court Appointed Attorneys for the Civil Division to accreditation by the NJAPM. This course built upon mediation training and experience already held by attorneys Voigt and Shanahan.  Ms. Voigt is currently a Court appointed mediator for the Superior Court Special Civil and Landlord Tenant Divisions and studied mediations and negotiation at Northeastern University School of Law.  Mr. Shanahan and Ms. Voigt have completed training in Collaborative Law: an emerging field of alternative dispute resolution, which Mr. Shanahan seeks to apply to his elder law and estates practice and Ms. Voigt to business disputes.  Bob Shanahan has been selected by the Court to serve as court appointed mediator in Elder Law Disputes.