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New Jersey Residential Real Estate Lawyer


A New Jersey real estate attorney provides legal counsel to you when buying and selling property, negotiating leases, easements, or licenses, litigating or mediating real property disputes, or evaluating best strategies for real estate holdings. No two real estate transactions are alike. Business and homeowners will be best served by a knowledgeable, experienced real estate lawyer. And because we’re real estate lawyers based in Flemington, New Jersey, and service Clinton NJ, Somerville New Jersey, Bridgewater NJ, and surrounding areas, we’re completely familiar with the real estate laws and regulations that impact you.


For residential transactions, at a minimum, the New Jersey real estate lawyer begins the attorney review period, negotiates the contract, advises on contingencies, title, and lending issues prepares closing documents and closes the transaction.

For commercial transactions, the New Jersey real estate lawyer drafts contracts, forms real estate holding entities, counsels on due diligence and contingency requirements, provides for bulk transfer and other escrows as needed, customizes leasing requirements or prepares closing documents, and more.

Additional laws apply to buying and selling property, and additional issues often arise, which are addressed by your real estate attorney. Real estate considerations additionally vary by region. For example, local to our region, are concerns with the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act, frequent issues with septic systems accompanied by emerging technologies, the more common finding of natural occurring arsenic contamination in Private Well Testing Act reporting, and similar. An experienced real estate attorney understands such issues and related options.

The real estate attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt, LLC are knowledgeable and experienced in real estate law, including transactions and litigation. And as we mentioned, because we’re real estate lawyers based in Flemington, New Jersey, and service Clinton NJ, Somerville New Jersey, Bridgewater NJ, Lambertville NJ, Princeton NJ and surrounding areas, we’re completely familiar with the real estate laws and regulations that impact you.

And, real estate matters rarely occur in a vacuum. Whether you are transferring property, or faced with a real estate dispute, it is essential that you retain a real estate lawyer who is not only knowledgeable and experienced in New Jersey real estate law, but in related legal matters as well. The success of a real estate transaction, or the ability to evaluate real property disputes, typically requires a broader legal knowledge and an integrated approach to providing legal advice.

For example, your real estate matter may uncover questions involving business structuring and liability, land-use and zoning, landlord tenant law, environmental due diligence or site remediation, sale of related assets, estate administration or elder law issues, municipal assessments or liens, noncompliant homeowners associations, or divorcing owners. Commercial transactions often raise issues regarding business liabilities and environmental due diligence. Lease options are not boiler plate, and instead, potential lease terms vary considerably, and should be negotiated to protect your interests. In today’s lending environment, simpler real estate transactions are now more complicated, by the epidemic of foreclosures and short sales, more demanding lender requirements, stricter requirements for title insurers, and financially distressed sellers.

These limited examples illustrate the benefit of selecting a real estate attorney with demonstrated experience in real estate law combined with a broader understanding of related experience. The New Jersey real estate attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt, LLC offer this holistic approach, will listen to your individualized goals and concerns, and will customize legal strategies. Our clients are our first priority.


Nicole L. Voigt is a partner and co-founder of the Firm, focusing in commercial and residential real estate transactions, as well as the contracts, leases, acquisitions, land use, zoning, and environmental matters related thereto. Nicole additionally focuses in business formation and contracts; litigation arising from business, real estate, construction, and landlord-tenant transactions; and administrative permitting and proceedings, including environmental, land use, zoning, and appeal of tax assessments.