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New Jersey Landlord-Tenant AttorneyNew Jersey Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Attorney Nicole L. Voigt provides counsel to landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial settings. Ms. Voigt is a volunteer mediator for landlord tenant matters in the Superior Court, Special Civil Part, Landlord Tenant Division, and routinely represents landlords in lease drafting, tenant noticing, tenant disputes, eviction and collection proceedings.

New Jersey Evictions

In New Jersey, the landlord tenant relationship is regulated by statute, and especially residential landlords are challenged with numerous restrictions and requirements on landlord conduct. Landlords must ensure compliance at all phases of the landlord tenant relationship: commencement of the lease, lease administration, resolving disputes, handling of security, rent increases, communications regarding nonpayment and lease violations, voluntary removal, evictions, disposition of abandoned property, and more. Failing to comply with these requirements may result in lost time and greater expense to landlords. Even commercial landlords face restrictions on the circumstances and methods under which they may remove a tenant for lease violations. Consulting with qualified New Jersey landlord tenant attorneys will help protect your real estate investment and ease the way through the regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Representation of Real Estate Investors

Attorney Nicole L. Voigt offers a broader range of experience which is often relevant to landlord tenant issues, including: lease drafting, evictions, business formations, real estate transactions, real estate partnership agreements, land use and zoning matters, environmental matters, construction contract negotiation and disputes, tax assessment appeals, and general litigation.

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