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Attorneys for Litigation in New Jersey

Civil litigation is sometimes necessary in order to obtain relief from a wrong or to advocate for certain rights. Perhaps your business contract has been breached and your company will suffer needless damage. Maybe an executor for an estate has misappropriated assets and your rights as a beneficiary have been squandered. Sometimes there are conflicting claims against the ownership of real estate, and a quiet title action is necessary. There are a multitude of situations in which people can find themselves. In order to resolve the situation, court action may be required.

At other times, people and businesses may be required to defend themselves from litigation. Many times there may be insurance coverage to hire a defense attorney and to pay out any judgment or settlement. Many times, there is no insurance that covers the situation involved, such as guardianship, probate conflicts, contract, and other business disputes. In either case, you may wish to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Increasingly, people and their business can be subject to unfair government administrative action. Farmers may have the government restricting how their property may be used. Special Needs Trusts set up for the disabled may be held to be invalid by Medicaid or other agencies. In these cases, you will need an attorney who understands the administrative process as well as agency regulations.

When litigation is necessary, the attorneys at Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. have experience in all of these areas. But, more importantly, we develop client-based strategies to meet individual goals, and then aggressively advocate for our clients. We are also trained and experienced in negotiations, mediation, arbitration and collaborative law solutions and will recommend these as available and appropriate. Our experience leads us to practical, customized, client-focused litigation strategies, with updated advice and action as the matter proceeds.

If you find yourself fin a disputed matter or believe your rights are being wrongfully restricted, contact Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr..

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