Flemington NJ Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Attorney

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New Jersey commercial real estate attorney

New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Attorney Nicole L. Voigt has experience in commercial real estate transaction, including due diligence and acquisitions, land use and zoning, development applications, and commercial lease negotiations.   Ms. Voigt approaches each such transaction with a focus on the client’s unique goals and concerns, while bringing to the table knowledge of the issues typical of such transactions, and strategies for client success in not only the real estate transaction but how it fits into the client’s “big picture” goals.  Through her trusted network of professionals, consultants, title companies, and lenders, Ms. Voigt guides clients from contract to due diligence to permitting, closing, and construction, always seeking the most cost-effective approach to achieving client goals.  Ms. Voigt has counseled businesses through simple and complex transactions, and navigated clients through tedious lending checklists while remaining focused on client goals and objectives.

Commercial Lease NegotiationMs. Voigt represents property owners and majority tenants in tax assessment appeals.  Ms. Voigt has negotiated substantial leases with national real estate investment trusts, and has represented landlord and tenants in negotiating disputes.  Ms. Voigt has successfully negotiated a substantial CAM reduction with an out-of-state REIT which failed to comply with Chapter 91 demands, disqualifying one of its tenants from appealing its taxes.

Multi-family Residential Construction Attorney New JerseyMs.Voigt has represented homeowners, developers, and businesses seeking permits at the local, state, and federal level.  Ms. Voigt has additionally advised on regulatory compliance for new and existing activities which fall within the scope of environmental oversight and permit requirements.  Ms. Voigt has experience with due diligence review of existing permit compliance for potential acquisitions, ISRA compliance for closures and sales, and buy- or sell- side contract negotiations after Phase II findings.  Ms. Voigt additionally has assisted property owners with achieving compliance after notices of violations, including negotiation with authorities, penalty settlement, and appeals.  Ms. Voigt has additionally represented clients in contribution claims, including settlement of a contribution claim discovered during the Phase II process, which remediation and litigation commenced post-closing.

New Jersey Farmland AssessmentMs. Voigt additional represents farmers with zoning determinations versus Right to Farm, site-specific agricultural management practices, farming in the Highlands, farmland conservation, agricultural assessment, disputes, and general business counsel.  Ms. Voigt has provided representation in New Jersey’s agricultural mediation program. In conjunction with her business partner, Ms. Voigt’s firm has provided estate and succession planning to many area farming families. Ms. Voigt has additionally guided specialty farmers moving to the region to acquire and develop sustainable and specialized farming to support nearby urban businesses.

Nicole L. Voigt Attorney at LawAttorney Nicole L. Voigt has a B.S. in Ecology & Systematic Biology with a minor in Statistics, and completed a year of graduate studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder focused in bio-geo-chemical cycling, prior to going to Northeastern University School of Law.  Nicole has worked with many local, county, state, and federal agencies.  Nicole has additionally represented clients with appeals, including representation before the Office of Administrative Law.  Read more about Nicole L. Voigt, attorney.

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