Regulated Business

constructionMany New Jersey businesses are required to comply with statutes and regulations designed to protect the environment and consumers.  Such compliance often requires a coordinated approach to understanding business activities, regulatory requirements, and technical criteria implicated by a specific project or activity.  Many valuable services nonetheless require careful siting, permitting, and monitoring.  Failure to manage the regulatory risks involved in a project can quickly result in liabilities which undermine the overall profitability and success of the business.  Nicole Voigt understands the need of businesses and coordinates with regulators and consultants to provide forward thinking and efficient compliance and risk management.

Nicole L. Voigt, Environmental Attorney

New Jersey Environmental AttorneyAttorney Nicole L. Voigt has represented businesses, developers, and homeowners seeking permits for regulated activities at the local, state, and federal level.  Ms. Voigt advises on regulatory compliance for new and existing activities, and negotiate penalties and memorandums of agreement for regulated entities facing a violation.

Ms. Voigt has focused her career on environmental law since entering law school in 1997. Prior to law, Nicole was an environmental scientist. Nicole integrates her understanding of both the scientific principals and legal issues to facilitate a clear and knowledgeable approach to remediation and legal compliance. Nicole has developed a reliable network of environmental consultants for both administrative compliance and expert testimony in environmental disputes.