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New Jersey Farmland Assessment

Flemington NJ Farm Lawyer

Ms. Voigt represents farmers with zoning determinations versus Right to Farm, site-specific agricultural management practices, farming in the Highlands, farmland conservation, agricultural assessment, disputes, and general business counsel.  Ms. Voigt has provided representation in New Jersey’s agricultural mediation program. In conjunction with her business partner, Ms. Voigt’s firm has provided estate and succession planning to many area farming families. Ms. Voigt has additionally guided specialty farmers moving to the region to acquire and develop sustainable and specialized farming to support nearby urban businesses.
farm lawMs. Voigt represents commercial farmers and owners of agriculturally assessed properties with various matters including:

  • Right to Farm applications including Site Specific Agricultural Management Practices;
  • Zoning applications;
  • Review, compliance, and requests under agricultural preservation easements;
  • Easement negotiation;
  • Agricultural assessments and appeals;
  • Review of agricultural activity in Highlands;
  • Buy/sell of agricultural properties including due diligence;
  • Closure of contaminated sites and/or leaking storage tanks;
  • Representation in agricultural mediation;
  • Contract negotiations and disputes;
  • Succession planning.

Nicole is additionally a vocal opponent of the PennEast Pipeline proposal, in part because it undermines community preservation initiatives and tax investments, and disregards the significant efforts of  local famers to preserve in perpetuity the agricultural character of lands which have been in their families for generations, without adequate compensation or justification.

Nicole L. Voigt Attorney at LawAttorney Nicole L. Voigt has a B.S. in Ecology & Systematic Biology with a minor in Statistics, and  completed a year of graduate studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder focused in bio-geo-chemical cycling, prior to going to Northeastern University School of Law.  Nicole has worked with many local, county, state, and federal agencies.  Nicole has additionally represented clients with appeals, including representation before the Office of Administrative Law.  Read more about Nicole L. Voigt, attorney.

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