You know the old adage: “Every time I go online, all of my friends are getting married or having babies”? OK, so maybe in the days of Lincoln, no one was going online. Still, the rest holds true. The children of the 80’s and early 90’s are finding themselves entering into true adulthood. The time where family is term of expansion, home is something more than a college dorm, and life is an ever-scarier endeavor.

Most young adults are only beginning to consider the realities ahead. No, college does not teach you when to start saving for retirement or where the best place to raise a family is. No, a Google search won’t always do the trick, either.

The advice and guidance of a professional is what you need to make sure that you are adequately protecting yourself and your family. While most people associate going to see a lawyer, with running afoul of the law, they are mistaken.

Often, people in their 20’s and 30’s are first time home buyers. There can be many pitfalls with purchasing a pre-existing or a newly constructed home. Your home is typically your most expensive asset. There is no sense in making such a big investment if you are not going to take the necessary to steps to make sure that your rights are protected. Only an attorney can walk you through the contract, purchase, and any issues that may arise before or even after you move in.

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When you have a home, you might also be looking to have children. Your first thought after having a child might be “where are the diapers?” And while that’s a very real concern, another thing to concern yourself with is whether your family, most importantly, your new bundle-of-joy is secure if something were to ever happen to you. I know, a will is something your parents and grandparents have. You don’t need one now, right? I can assure you, there is no better time to plan for the future, than now. Having an answer to the question of “what if something happened to both my spouse and I?” is important to know now. If you have not appointed a guardian for your children, then the State could place them in foster homes. An attorney can guide you through the estate planning process. He or she can help you secure your family’s future in the event something unfortunate were to happen.

No matter what, nothing bad has to happen in order to have an attorney on your side. As much as attorney’s deal with issues that have happened in the past, they also are capable of assisting you with your future. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Now’s the time to take preventative measures.

Matthew R. Tavares focuses his practice in Litigation, Employment Law, Workers Compensation and Municipal Court matters. He is a trained mediator and has successfully mediated small claims and special civil part matters.

Mr. Tavares received his Juris Doctor from Western New England University School of Law in 2013, and obtained licensure in New Jersey in the same year. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History and Criminal Justice in 2010 from the University of Delaware. Matt is a member of the Hunterdon County Bar Association, is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Matthew was sworn in as a member of the New York State Bar in February 2016. You may contact Matt at (908) 751-1551, or