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 Family MediationFamily Legal Disputes in New Jersey

Legal disputes between family members in New Jersey are on the rise. A sister objects to her brother becoming guardian for a parent, a brother believes that his sibling has stolen money from their mother while acting under a power of attorney; a last will has been re-written in favor of one child when the parent has dementia. Due to the aging population, these types of disputes are becoming common.

Family Mediation May Be the Answer

Medicaid Appeal AttorneyThe lawyers at Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., LLC recognize that when family members litigate in court, no one wins. While the Court will ultimately decide the matter, the demands of litigation can destroy the family bonds forever, and that family will never be able to work together, again. And, they leave the outcome in the hands of the Court.

In the family setting, mediation works well. Not only is it less expensive and faster at resolving disputes, it is gentler on family relationships and reinforces the skills necessary to work out disputes in the future. A trained mediator does not render a decision; a trained mediator will help all sides reach an agreement with which they can live. And, through mediation, each party is able to participate in the final outcome.

We are Trained Mediators

Attorney Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. completed a 30 Hour Civil Mediation Training Course conducted by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM): a prerequisite to appointment to the Roster of Court Appointed Attorneys for the Civil Division to accreditation by the NJAPM. This course built upon mediation training and experience already held by attorney Shanahan. Mr. Shanahan have completed training in Collaborative Law: an emerging field of alternative dispute resolution, which Mr. Shanahan seeks to apply to his elder law and estates practice.

Don’t go to Court. Call Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., LLC and try to work it out with a professional mediator. Bring us your toughest problem.

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