I am the current President and also served as the founding President of the Horizon Rotary eClub.  In 2013, our founding members chartered a club boasting the newest Rotary sanctioned format, the “eClub.”

You may wonder, ” Why Rotary,” as oppose to any one of many other vocational or service organizations?  Answer:  I need “Rotary Moments.”  Anyone who meaningfully participates in Rotary long enough enjoys “Rotary Moments.”

Rotary Moments occur when your volunteering and involvement materialize in your directly experiencing a positive change in the world.  This could be as simple as being deeply moved by the testimony of someone whose life has been improved.  This could be as profound as seeing entire communities brought into better health and safety.  The magic of a Rotary Moment is that it is a very real and direct experience of positive change.  You actually feel the positive change on many levels, know that you contributed, and know that it will have a ripple effect beyond what you imagined.

At the heart of all Rotary clubs are their community service projects and shared exploration of our communities and our world.  Together, Rotarians raise awareness of issues affecting humanity, engage in service, and truly make a difference.  And, Rotarians pledge to conduct their lives and their businesses with high ethical standards, respecting the worth and dignity of humans.

As an busy attorney, working mom, homeowner, sandwich generation, multi-tasking, driven person, life at times feels like a swirling hamster wheel.  At times, I have even thought I no longer had time for Rotary.  Yet, when I stop and give Rotary my attention, the world returns to being much larger than my own concerns, again.  I gain perspective, and I am reconnected with much gratitude for my hamster wheel.  By remaining committed to the ideal of service in my life, I remain connected to my humanity.

Put differently, Rotary gives my life balance.  Despite the extra time and energy that I spend on Rotary and my cramming 30 hours in every 24 hour day, Rotary volunteering balances my very busy life.

Rotary International has existed for more than 110 years  and includes 1.2 million members in over 35,000 clubs internationally.  Our events have the backing, support, and legitimacy of Rotary.  Rotary clubs help each other, providing volunteer and networking that makes inspiration come to fruition.  And Rotary provides the opportunity to do service at the local, national, and international level.  It mentors high school and college kids to become the leaders of tomorrow. It is a network of service.

If you want to learn more about the Horizon Rotary eClub, and make Rotary Moments part of your life, please visit www.horizonrotary.org, or email horizoneclub@gmail.com.