Commercial Lease Negotiations

Executing a commercial lease is a necessary step that accompanies the formation or growth of most businesses, and is a matter of routine course for commercial investors.  Terms of commercial leases are negotiable, and typically involve complex provisions with serious legal and financial implications.  The attorneys at Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., LLC are experienced with representing businesses and landlords through commercial lease negotiations and renewals, post-execution modification or dispute resolution, and lease termination, when necessary.

Commercial tenants must carefully evaluate and understand the business, and often personal, responsibilities and liabilities that accompany a lease.  And these legalities must be evaluated with attention to long term business goals and acceptable risk.

Landlords must negotiate leases with a careful eye on management goals,  feasibility, profitability.  A landlord’s obligations to all tenants within a building or mall must be sustained with each new lease, and balanced against changes in the economy, local code requirements, and investor goals.

And individuals bound in their personal and business capacities to a commercial lease occasionally suffer change in circumstances and require careful legal counsel when evaluating options for lease modification, assignment, subletting, or termination.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Robert J. Shanahan, Jr., LLC are experienced and knowledgable when representing both landlords and tenants in all stages of the life of a lease.