New Jersey Environmental Attorney

New Jersey Environmental Law Attorney

Unfortunately, contaminated soil, streams, and groundwater are a reality. Historic releases of contaminants remain to be discovered, and new release occurs. “Environmental” problems are universally alarming to nearly all property owners and responsible parties. However, not all environmental concerns are equal.

Determining the true extent of legal and financial exposure requires a sophisticated understanding of environmental science, government regulations for response and liability, and a basic understanding of legal remedies and insurance. Rarely do contaminated sites reach an acceptable “end point” in remediation without a team effort.

The first priority in evaluating responsibility for contaminated property is understanding the scope of the contamination, and the regulatory program(s) which apply to the release. While some contaminated properties may be swiftly remediated and closed, others pose greater risks and require careful navigation to not only efficiently comply with regulatory cleanup requirements but to simultaneously preserve, strategize, cost-share with litigation remedies.

Nicole L. Voigt has focused her career on environmental law since entering law school in 1997. Prior to law, Nicole was an environmental scientist. Nicole integrates her understanding of both the scientific principals and legal issues to facilitate a clear and knowledgeable approach to remediation and legal compliance. Nicole has developed a reliable network of environmental consultants for both administrative compliance and expert testimony in environmental disputes.

If you currently have a release of contaminants which is unreported, immediately contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection at: 1-877-WARNDEP. Additionally, Nicole maintains a network of consults who mitigate emergency situations, and who additionally assist in ongoing remediation and regulatory compliance.