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PennEast Fails to Move Forward with NJDEP Wetlands Permit

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has administratively closed the PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC freshwater permit application.  Citing a failure of PennEast to address deficiencies in its application, and the unlikely prospect of PennEast having adequate information in the near future, the NJDEP rendered

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Agricultural Development in the Highlands

Development in the Highlands Preservation Area. How do Highlands development restrictions affect agricultural development?  Considerable farmland falls within the Highlands Region.  Primarily intended to protect drinking water, over 800,000 acres of New Jersey, known as the, “Highlands Region,” have been designated either Highlands Preservation Area

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Environmental Due Diligence and “Innocent Owner” Status

Looking to purchase property with contaminated soil and groundwater?  Probably not, unless you are a brownfield’s redeveloper. Most purchasers of commercial property are counting on their property being “clean.”  Environmental due diligence occurs in two phases: 1) review the current and historic activities at the

Nicole L. Voigt attend CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Convention

Nicole L. Voigt attended the 2016 Convention of the Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW-Network) in New York City.  Speakers included keynote speaker Admiral William H. McRaven USN (Ret.);  Amy Cuddy, Author, Business Leader, and Professor at Harvard Business School; Sallie Krawcheck, CEO & Co-Founder of

Personal Comments of Nicole L. Voigt on the PennEast Pipeline Application, FERC Docket CP15-558.

I am a resident of Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and I oppose the PennEast Pipeline.  I oppose the application and additional submissions submitted by PennEast. The impacts of this pipeline, both short and long term, vastly outweigh any benefits.  The pipeline is mapped

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Nicole Voigt joins Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey

Nicole L. Voigt Attorney at Law CREW NJ, Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey, has approved attorney Nicole L. Voigt for active membership.  The CREW Network is a national organization dedicated to advancing the professional development of women in commercial real estate

Natural Gas Pipeline Opposition in New Jersey

Transco Pipeline, Lebanon, NJ Understanding Natural Gas Pipeline Approvals and the Importance of Fact-Based, Stakeholder Participation in Scoping and Environmental Evaluations FERC's Jurisdiction and Economic Considerations The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) serves the mission of “assist[ing] consumers in obtaining reliable, efficient, and

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