Spring 2014:  Attorneys Nicole L. Voigt and Robert J. Shanahan, Jr. completed a 30 Hour Civil Mediation Training Course conducted by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM): a prerequisite to appointment to the Roster of Court Appointed Attorneys for the Civil Division to accreditation by the NJAPM.  This course built upon mediation training and experience already held by attorneys Voigt and Shanahan.  Ms. Voigt is currently a Court appointed mediator for the Superior Court Special Civil and Landlord Tenant Divisions and studied mediations and negotiation at Northeastern University School of Law.  Mr. Shanahan has completed training in Collaborative Law: an emerging field of alternative dispute resolution which Mr. Shanahan seeks to apply to his elder law and estates practice.

The firm of Shanahan & Voigt, LLC offers a full array of alternative dispute resolution services for those interested in a more expedient and affordable means of resolving legal dispute.  Mediation is demonstrated to, on average, result in greater satisfaction among participants, than traditional legal action.