Effective Legal Counsel in Law Use Applications

Effective legal counsel in land use and zoning matters requires an experienced understanding of applicable rules and regulations and requires familiarity with the administrative process and procedures administered by land use boards.  Proper evaluation of applicable criteria, preparation and timing of the application(s), and proactive communication increase the efficiency and effectiveness of land use applications. And property owners and developers are best served by working with an attorney also familiar with the practices of scientific, engineering, surveying, and planning professionals involved in such applications.

Nicole L. Voigt, New Jersey Land Use Attorney

Nicole L. Voigt has focused her career in land use, zoning, construction, environmental, and municipal matters since 2000.  She has appeared before Land Use Boards throughout Hunterdon County.  Prior to her career as an attorney, Nicole worked as an environmental scientist and was immersed in family construction businesses.  Nicole understands the issues underlying real estate, development, and construction.  She uses her multidisciplinary background to provide a clearly presented, effective application strategy and, if necessary, appeal.

Comprehensive Real Estate Counsel

Land use applications are typically part of larger client objectives.  Nicole can assist with all facets of real estate matters, from contracting, to due diligence investigations, mitigation and remediation, closings, land-use applications, implementing land use contingencies and finalizing approvals, construction phases, leasing, tax assessment appeal, and liquidation.  And, Nicole understands the needs of business owners, who are often attending to not only their land use application, but also to running their day-to-day business, as well.