Obtaining a judgment is sometimes only half of the battle in civil litigation, and often only occurs after consuming a great deal of time and money. Although an individual or business may have meritorious legal claims, the cost of civil litigation may not provide any return on investment if there is no way to collect on a judgment at the end of process. That is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney at the outset of your matter. A good attorney will evaluate both the legal merit of a claim and the likelihood of collecting if a court enters a favorable judgment.

Our attorneys at Shanahan & Voigt, LLC, view civil litigation like any other business decision. We endeavor to ensure that pursuing legal claims not only makes legal sense, but also, financial sense to individuals and businesses alike. Before bringing a claim, our attorneys gather information about a defendant’s employment and assets through diligent investigation and research, and seek to secure assets subject to collection if a defendant attempts to hide or transfer them to avoid payment. After we obtain a judgment, we use a variety of court procedures in order to secure a defendant’s wages and assets in order to satisfy the judgment. We can also assist in the transfer of foreign or out-of-state judgments to New Jersey if a defendant generates wages or owns assets in New Jersey that are subject to collection.