Questions about Medicaid?

“Can we transfer the house to tNew Jersey Medicaid Attorneyhe kids? How about put our assets in a trust? If we apply for Medicaid, does New Jersey really take the house? Who will pay for my funeral? When I go into a nursing home, how does my spouse live?  Do I lose my IRA?”

These are common questions and worries facing families when one of its members is nursing home bound. The Medicaid regulations are strict, and what applies in Hunterdon County, may not in Somerset County. It’s complicated and frustrating.

Understanding Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid is a Federal program administered by the States. Each State can be a little different.

Generally, however, a person seeking Medicaid benefits must have less than two thousand dollars in assets to qualify. Upon filing an application, there is a five year look-back, of your assets, to assure that you have not given or gifted assets away in order to qualify. No, the State does not take your house, but you may be required to sell it, or allow Medicaid liens to be placed against it.

The Importance of Medicaid Planning

Medicaid EligibilityIt is important to plan ahead for Medicaid eligibility: the earlier, the better.  Without proper legal guidance, the Medicaid “path” can feel like walking in a field of land mines.

Attorney Bob Shanahan has many years of experience counseling families in preparation for Medicaid filings. Bob knows what can be done, and how it can be done, according to the regulations.  Medicaid applications is not something that should be done on the fly or by copying something done by your cousin, twice removed, some years ago.  You could trigger disqualification penalties which could cost your family thousands of dollars and lots of grief.

Challenging Medicaid Determinations

Bob also has experience challenging wrongful decisions by local Medicaid offices. Bob has successfully represented clients before New Jersey Fair Hearing Boards and Administrative Law Judges.

Bob will provide detailed, step by step, action items for you to implement, after conducting a thorough review of the assets and needs of the family members effected by long term care needs. Many of Bob’s clients express relief even after an hour consultation.  Families have enough stresses when addressing long-term care needs.  Attorney Bob Shanahan can address the complexities of Medicaid, while you attend to your family.  Request a Consultation.