New Jersey Business Attorneys

New Jersey Business AttorneyAttorneys Bob Shanahan and Nicole Voigt are experienced with representing businesses in every stage of the business life cycle: from formation, to growth, to succession planning, through mergers and acquisitions, and if desired, dissolution.  Whether a simple asset buy/sell, or sale of the entire business during reorganization or liquidation, we can help.

Commercial transactions require an understanding of title and rights to tangible and intangible assets, contingency negotiations and due diligence concerns, necessary disclosures, regulatory compliance, assignments and transfers, lending, liability protections, and more.

Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Registered Agent Filing Annual ReportAt Shanahan & Voigt, LLC we take pride in advocating for our business clients’ goals, and we understand that no two businesses and no two transactions are alike.  If you are embarking upon the next phase of your business life-cycle, or looking for legal counsel through the complexities of managing assets, risks, and growth, contact us.